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My music blows the whistle and inspires revolutionary action in the hearts of men and women who are tired of being slaves to this Matrix we live in. I am currently working on a 3 part project. Full Disclosure is just the beginning. I have Infused my music with the intent to activate your Starseed DNA Encodings through the frequencies of my voice and the Neurolinguistic encoded messages of the phonetics contained within my lyrical delivery. The first Album titled “Full Disclosure” is dedicated to the late Max Spiers, which is why his image is featured as the Cover Art. “Full Disclosure” is an introductory project designed to serve as a warning. Hawk Eye is back. In the first track I announce my purpose with the lyrics “Full Disclosure’s what I’m seeking… I’m not rapping bitch, I’m preaching, if you want it you can get it just like the demons and the deacons.” R.I.P Max, your work was not in vain. I’ll see to it. (If you don’t know what I mean when I say Full Disclosure, I suggest you get on google and do some research.) Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy.

Omniversal Media

Aurora Override

Hawk Eye is the founder of Omniversal Media, LLC

  • Re-Encryption Protocols were activated 3/1/2020

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