Behold A Pale Horse is dedicated to the late Milton William Cooper, author of the popular book by the same name, who was martyred for exposing the truth and resisting this hidden enemy that we all face upon this planet.

A former Naval Officer, Cooper decided that in order to keep true to his Oath to Defend this Country against all enemies foreign and domestic, he needed to Disclose to the Public what he witnessed going on behind the scenes with our government, revealing Top Secret documents in his book, laying out proof that we have been invaded and taken over by a darkness which keeps us blind to the shadowy underworking of our Society.

He was murdered as a result of his choice to blow the whistle.

Behold A Pale Horse released everywhere on July 4th, 2020.

This tape is a further unveiling of what my arrival means for the World. In the track “Scripture” I send a clear message to the Demons of this World, letting them know, that I am a force to be reckoned with.

As the lyrics state,

“Try to take me out the picture, I’ll just pen a new scripture – My Elixir is a mixture too defiant to be dismissed Sir, – I’ll expose everything I can until your ring of pedophilic traffickers gets massacred, I sing…”

Scripture by Hawk Eye – Behold A Pale Horse
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