Behold A Pale Horse is dedicated to the late Milton William Cooper, author of the popular book by the same name, who was martyred for exposing the truth and resisting this hidden enemy that we all face upon this planet.

A former Naval Officer, Cooper decided that in order to keep true to his Oath to Defend this Country against all enemies foreign and domestic, he needed to Disclose to the Public what he witnessed going on behind the scenes with our government, revealing Top Secret documents in his book, laying out proof that we have been invaded and taken over by a darkness which keeps us blind to the shadowy underworking of our Society.

He was murdered as a result of his choice to blow the whistle.

Behold A Pale Horse released everywhere on July 4th, 2020.

This tape is a further unveiling of what my arrival means for the World. In the track “Scripture” I send a clear message to the Demons of this World, letting them know, that I am a force to be reckoned with.

As the lyrics state,

“Try to take me out the picture, I’ll just pen a new scripture – My Elixir is a mixture too defiant to be dismissed Sir, – I’ll expose everything I can until your ring of pedophilic traffickers gets massacred, I sing…”

Scripture by Hawk Eye – Behold A Pale Horse
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The Third and final tape is titled “Milabs” and is dedicated to the late great Dr. Karla Turner whose research into the UFO/Abduction phenomenon revealed a clear picture that not only are these things actually taking place, but also that Our Government seems to be involved. Her three books lead into this discovery, but before she could finish her Fourth book, which I’m sure would have connected the rest of the dots for those who studied her work, she mysteriously died from a rapidly advancing cancer that killed her in less than a year. This of course is after receiving repeated death threats should she refuse to abandon her work.

This tape takes us all the way into the Rabbit Hole as such topics as Super Solider Programs, Trauma Based Mind Control, Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism Agendas are addressed, all the while sending a clear message to the Dark Ones, reminding them that Hawk Eye is back, reincarnated to resist.

The track “Delta Squad” reminds them that though certain milabs programs were instituted against this physical vessel that I inhabit, they have been decieved by my Art of War yet again in the lyrics,
“I don’t remember being taken, but I do recall the blatant torture tactics that they practiced & the gene manipulation. I’m an asset too dangerous for them to let go, but I won’t cooperate, and they hate that I know, what they did, but I relived all the trauma and so, Now their Secret Weapon gets to cause drama, this Rogue rappin at you is attackin with these tactics I back down everybody in my way, ’cause they’re afraid that I’ll snap…They can’t put this Fire out once it’s stoked, it’s a fact, you see they made me this way and they know that they’re trapped… It was never their intention, but I tricked them with this mission – Incarnated with precision just to take their best invention. Even Satan & his henchmen were amazed when this shit hit them. My invasion came to end this enslavement. Taste my vengeance.”

Full Disclosure is dedicated to the memory of Max Spiers, and is the first of The Mixtape Sessions by Hawk Eye – To introduce himself and his music to the world, Hawk Eye has planned to release 3 full tapes prior to recording his Debut Studio Album. Each is dedicated to the memory of those who were martyred as a result of carrying their specific Missions. They were each profoundly impactful upon his understanding of his own Divine Mission, and encouraged him to not shy away. They didn’t. R.I.P Max…


“The ancients have returned but none of you have learned That’s why I’m teaching as I preach so I can reach you in a verse You are not alone – Your Tribe is here – You are home And in this sacred tome I crafted you this song”


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